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I’m unsure what a mortgage broker actually does?

Getting you the best deal is only the start of it.

We check your affordability, suggest the best banks to go with, help you with loan documentation, get your loan approved, help with the contract and also prepare your loan settlement.

Then, once your loan settles, we’re still here as your go-to for all your lending needs.

Which home lenders do you use most often?

The bank chosen completely depends on your loan application, the lender’s policy, assessment timeframe and of course rates and offers at the time.

The top 15 we have historically used (in alphabetical order only) are;

ANZ, Bankwest, Bendigo & Adelaide, Bluestone, CBA, Citibank, Great Southern Bank, ING, Macquarie, ME, NAB, St George, Suncorp, Ubank and Westpac.

How long does a pre-approval take?

This can be between 3 hours to a week, depending on the bank.

Some banks can take up to 4 weeks, but we prefer to avoid those.

How long does a pre-approval last for?

Typically, 90 days from the day the pre-approval was granted. This can differ from bank to bank.

How do you help me pick the right lender?

Policy, process and price.

Simply put, there’s no point applying for a cheap lender if you don’t meet their lending policy.

We source lenders that are most likely to approve your loan, and then narrow down to get the lowest rates, quickest turnarounds and best service possible for your loan approval.

What’s your success rate?

Industry average - 60% *

Our average - over 98%

We don’t just help you get the best offer; we help you actually get your loan approved.

*source Digital Finance Analytics

How much do you charge?

We don’t charge you anything, $0, zero.

How do you get paid?

As brokers, we get paid a commission from the lender you choose to go with, after the loan settles.

Unlike branch-based bank lenders, we only get paid if your loan is successful, so we’re naturally more driven to get your loan approved.

Will you ever charge me a ‘clawback fee’?


If you leave the lender we place you with within 24 months of settlement date, we will lose up to 100% of the commission we received, however we will never pass that on to you.

Do you just pick the bank that pays you the most commission?


Legally, we’re bound under the Best Interest Duty Act 2021 to put the borrower’s needs before our own. Fines of up to $1,050,000 apply.

Plus, we’re here for the long-run, we value relationships and will always do the right thing by our clients.

How many lenders do you work with?

We have total 57 lenders for home, car, personal, commercial and SMSF loans.

Around 40 of which are home lenders, which is our core business for purchases and refinances.

Once you get the loan approval, am I left to do the rest on my own?

Nope! We’re here through to settlement and stick around after too. You can benefit from regular rate review requests, assistance with your home loan and banking needs. We love long-term relationships.

Can you help me find reliable professionals?

Yes! We have an extensive, trusted network of conveyancers, buyer’s agents, negotiators, depreciation specialists and accountants.

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